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We check during inspection

  a. Over all look of the garments.

  b. Performance/Functions of the garments.

  c. Engineering and measurements of the garments.

  d. Visual properties of Fabrics.

  e. Color shading of the garments and hanging appeals.

  f. Finishing properties.

Sewing defects
  • Open seams

  • Wrong Stitching Techniques.

  • Broken/Dropped/Miss out of stitches.

  • Puckering/Gathering stitches.

  • Wrong thread color

  • Irregular hemming

  • Front seam not align with art

Material defects
  • Broken Zipper, irregular teeth

  • Heat transfer not stable/pilling off

  • Broken button

  • Label printed wrong or wrong label

  • Wrong care instructions


Garments defects
  • Wrong position of label, heat transfer

  • Uneven Parts(Twisted)

  • Holes in the garments

  • Stain

  • Wrong Size content label

  • Difference in measurement of a garment part from other

  • Placement of chamois

  • Uncut or loose threads

Compliance Audit

We provide the service to audit the factroies on ethical practices and compliance. 

Fabrics defects
  • Not sufficient stretch/ Non consistent stretch

  • Color bleeding, Shading in Fabrics

  • Missing Yarn in the fabrics

  • Damaged fabrics/yarn

  • Water marks in the fabrics

Production Management

We have a great sourcing experiences globally with better price. We help the vendors to monitor the producion to bring the garments on time to the distribution center with quality.


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