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Our Team

We are the professionals from apparel industry trained by international bodies to improve quality of Canadian retailers.   All our ten years of experience in apparel industry was with active, performance and casual wears.  During this period time, we developed core competence in quality inspection, compliance audit, scheduling, material managing, production management, negotiating and sourcing management. The experience gave us the confidence to work with many manufacturers and brands from North America, Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  We have professionals with MBA in Apparel and Textile Marketing, Certified of Fashion Merchandising from Vancouver Community College. We are also trained in Production Management by AOTS Japan and Compliance, Quality Assurance training by Bureau Veritas USA.   


Qualifications include:

·  Experienced in Domestic and International quality inspections, production management, ability to communicate effectively and have a clear understanding of calendars and



· Strong team player, efficient, detail minded and always look for better ways to streamline efficiencies and capture opportunities and demand


· Healthy management skills fostering development and teamwork within and across interrelated departments


· Generously provide supports and assistance to others if needed for customers.



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